FO: Scarf and a WIP: Blanket

I know it’s not much, but I finished the scarf I made to match the hat I made earlier for a friend for the holidays.

I also started on a small blanket for my mom, its a basket weave pattern.

Thanks for looking…

Wow, I love the colors in the scarf and hat! What is the yarn?

Ditto-great colours,well done

LOVE the scarf! We all wanna know about your yarn and color!

And I also love the pattern stitch for the blanket! It’ll turn out great!

All are very pretty and nicely knit.

The colors for the scarf are the Patons SWS Natural Earth I believe is what it is called. I picked it up from Joanns a while ago.

Beautiful scarf and hat!! Love the basket weave pattern. The blanket’s going to be wonderful too!

Love the colors in the scarf/hat set. What are the stitches? I’ve gotta check out that yarn…it looks really soft too…is it?