FO - Ruffle Hat

I made this hat as a part of a set that I gave away at a baby shower yesterday. This is the Ruffle Hat pattern, a free pattern found [B]here[/B].


I used Bernat Baby Jacquards in Orange Blossom…size 6 needles…


This was a very fast knit and only used 1/3 of a skein of yarn.

I used my daughter’s stuffed animals as models…


[LEFT]Thanks for looking!! :muah:

I love it! It’s perfect with the booties!


That is so adorable! Perfect yarn choice and beautiful work.

It is just adorable and I love the color combination. The animals love it so much they each want one of their own! :slight_smile:

Lovely. I like the colors.

Oh that is so darn cute and feminine! Wonderful! Delicious!

The hat is so cute.