FO: Ruffle-Edge Mohair Scarf

[B]Length:[/B] 89" (for wearing doubled over, around & through)
[B]Yarn:[/B] Handpaint Originals by Brown Sheep
[B]Colorway: [/B] Sara’s Dress HP20
[B]Pattern: [/B] mine (written out on my Ravelry Mohair & Wool Scarf page.)

If you don’t have access to Ravelry and would like this free pattern…
PM me and I will copy/paste it back to you.

GORGEOUS!!! I love love love the yarn!!!

So pretty! Love the ruffles!

Very cute! I love the ruffles and the color way. :inlove:

Very pretty…love the colorway! :muah:

OOH! I love it, love it, love it, Very nice. I’m going to get the pattern right now. Great Job!:yay:

You will never cease to amaze me with your absolutely gorgeous work. What an inspiration you are. Thanks.

Very pretty scarf . :slight_smile:

I like this scarf. I have to make one. I can’t knit with mohair due to allergies. What was the weight of the yarn you used so that I can make a substation?


The yarn and your pattern look perfect together! Great job! :yay:

It is a light worsted. But a DK weight would work, too. The scarf wouldn’t be as wide, but that’s okay. Mine is more than wide enough.

Oooo, I have some of that yarn and I’ve been wondering what to make with it, now I think I know! I love the ruffles! :slight_smile:

That’s a great scarf. I really do like the ruffle you added to the bottoms. I meant to comment on the red scarf you showed with the Phoebe. That was another great scarf and I liked the way the cables made it flare out at the bottoms.

I rummaged around in my Nicky Epstein “Edge” books. This series of 3 Edge books are really great for getting ideas about how to “edge” just about anything. Remember that cute “bell ruffle” I put on the red aran afghan last year? It was so much nicer than fringe.

  1. On the Edge
  2. Over the Edge
  3. Beyond the Edge

Put them on your wish list if you don’t already have these great books! (My favorite, if I could only keep one book, is “On the Edge”.

:inlove: very pretty!!

oooh looks so warm, cozy and pretty too.

Very nice scarf. The yarn looks scrumptious! Thanks for sharing!

You are on a roll with your FO’s, my friend! It’s lovely! :inlove:

Very nice and I love that yarn!