FO: Rowan Tamsin Sweater

It’s not my latest FO, but I finally pressed it to death:teehee: and took pictures.
Yarn: Rowan Big Wool, in Acer and Sandstone. The sweater and the hat both used exactly 9 balls (5 in Acer and 4 in Sandstone).
Pattern: Tamsin Sweater by Kim Hargreaves, from Rowan Bigger Picture. Size M.
Mods: The original collar was curling inside, which made the seam visible, so i re-knit it and doubled the sts at some point to make it wider.
Needles: 8.00 mm and 12.00mm.
It turned out huge, even after knitting less for the length than required.
The hat is Mini, from the same magazine and designer. Knit with 8.00mm needles, because i didn’t have the required 10.00mm. so i just knit size L. I made the stripes match the sweater.
Hope you like it :happydance:

WOW! Both are awesome!! Love how you improvised and made it work!

Oh wow! :heart: You look fantastic! The sweater and hat set turned out handsomely!!! Great work!!!

Thank you! Some projects require some improvising. Honestly, i don’t get how the sweater in the magazine turned out the way it did.

Thank you :aww:! Hubby took pictures yesterday before i went to work. Good thing it wasn’t raining like today, so they turned out ok. I also went to my knitting group after work and they seemed to like it too. The most important thing is it’s really warm and i wasn’t cold at work, like i usually am.

That looks great and you look so cute in it. Those pictures look like the pics of the 60s mod models :slight_smile:

It looks great!

Thanks! I didn’t notice and after you said it i looked at the pics again and figured it really does :slight_smile:

I love it! Very impressive knitting, and you look great in it.

Thank you everyone :hug: It really wasn’t a difficult knit, i just wish i had knitted it in the round, because seaming was hell:shock:.

Great job on the sweater and hat ! They look gorgeous on you

It does look warm,cozy, and ‘moddish’. Good work!

Praying for the safety of all in Jerusalem.

oh my gosh! gorgeous!

:inlove: it looks wonderful!!!

Niceeeeeee!! Love how the colours work with those (can I have them) [B]BOOTS[/B]!!! LOL

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Love the sweater and the hat… great colours!
TEMA:yay: [/COLOR]

Thank you! These boots are one of my favourite pairs. I bought them in a unique store that is not so unique anymore and i don’t think anyone has a pair like that:teehee: It’s looks like patchwork in different coloured leather, but some of the patches are furry.

Looks great, the sweater and hat set are awesome and the pictures are adorable