FO: Reversible Winter Capelet

I finished this up last night and wore it out! I used the pattern from (available in her sidebar). The yarn is Joann Sensations Dolcetto (Wool/Cotton Blend). I actually really like this yarn–very soft and light but still warm! :thumbsup: Though now that I’ve blocked it it seems to have stretched out, so I’ll have to make sure it shrinks back a bit!

Thats so lovely! Esp. with the broach! What a nice accent!

Adorable! :happydance:

Oh, that is soooo cute! It looks great on you, too! :cheering:

Very cute! Does it have some kind of closure, or do you have to use a pin of some kind to keep it on?

Now, that is REALLY CUTE!!! I love it!

Mer, I dont think you could BE any cuter if you tried!! Your work is ALWAYS lovely!

Oh how pretty! You look adorable!

Very lovely. :inlove:

Beautiful-----you and your knitting!

Mer- I love it!! It looks beautiful. :thumbsup:

Thanks all! :smiley: I just use a pin to close it, but you could add a button or something if you wanted.

The yarn seems to have shrunk back now that it’s dry, but I haven’t tried it back on. The only thing strange about this yarn is it’s smell–I can’t quite explain it! Not wooly, but a little odd. I don’t think it’s noticable to anyone but me though. :wink:

It looks perfect on you! Great caplet.

It looks great! And so do you!

Very 20’s looking. Classy :cheering:

OMGoodness, both you and the capelet are lovely! You just look wonderful! Great job :cheering: :cheering:

Beautiful,. absoluetly beautiful. Yoi and your work should be in a magazine.

It’s adorable, as are you! :smiley:

Just lovely, you and your capelet!

Oh YUM! It look GREAT! I just found this same pattern last week, linked from KPC, and I am totally planning to make this as my first attempt at a non-accessory garment, after Christmas. It looks just super on you. Now I’m all psyched to try making it myself!