FO: Reversible Cable Scarf

This is my Reversible Cable scarf from [U]Cables Untangled[/U]. It took me a long time to knit because I was knitting other things and because the pattern got a little boring- I hate to say that, but it’s true. I find scarves take me longer to knit than anything else!
I used Louet Riverstone in Eggplant. It took about 2.5 skeins. The colour doesn’t look much like the pictures, but more like #2 than #1.

It’s really pretty! I love the color and the cables are beautiful! I really need to try…so many projects, so little time!

It’s very nice. It takes me forever to do a sarf too, they’re soooo long lol Great job!

Oh…the cables are so pretty!!! :inlove::inlove:

You did a really nice job!

:inlove: love the color!! It looks wonderful!! :happydance:

That looks wonderful.

Very nice and I :heart: the color. I was just reading the Yarn Harlot’s “Knitting Rules” book and she was talking about how scarves should not be a beginner project because they take soooooo long and can get boring – I’m currently working on the palindrome scarf, which I love, but it’s taking me forever because it bores me … :cool:

It’s beautiful! That’s a lot of cables, no wonder it took so long!

Thanks everyone! I think I’m not in love with the colour anymore and that’s why I’m sort of blah about it!
I read that in Knitting Rules! too gal51 and I always recommend beginners start with something like a dishcloth.
I love scarves, but I think I need to find one that will be more challenging next time. I also love cables, but I think I’m beyond some of the “easy” patterns!

Your scarf is beautiful!

That is GORGEOUS!!

Beautiful worth all the effort x


OMG!! That is such a gorgeous scarf and the colour is magnificent. I just LOVE it. You did such a wonderful job on it. You should be very proud of this scarf. The time it took was well worth it when you see the final product. Lovely job!!!

Have to agree, that’s a very pretty scarf.

I like to make scarves when I knit in public,especially cabled ones. Most folks are intrigued, and they are easy enough that I don’t have to pay much attention to the pattern.

that is very pretty. great color!! I love reversible cables!

I gotta agree with you on the boring part of making scarves but they are worth it! Your’s turned out beautifully!!

It turned out beautiful! You did good to hang in there getting all those cables done!

Beautiful scarf!

its so pretty…i want it!! :roflhard: