FO: red lacy tank top

My dh brought his camera home from work, so I was able to get a picture of my finished lacy tank top. I’m very excited to wear it; it’ll be perfect for a Texas summer! :woot:

Nice work! That’ll keep you cool down there! :hug:

WOW! Christene that is really pretty! And to think you made it from some old sweater! Very nice work. :thumbsup:

beautiful. good job

It’s recycled? Really great job!!! How smart of you!

Looks great. You did a wonderful job with the recycling.

It looks beautiful on! Great work!

I love it! What pattern is this and what type of yarn did you use?
I think my step-daughter would love this sweater…:yay:

Looks wonderful:thumbsup:

that is very sexy and looks so great on you.

that looks so great!!

Well, the yarn was 100% cotton, dk weight. I have no idea of the brand, because it was an extra-large sweater when I bought it. The pattern came from my own imagination. I had planned to write down everything I did, but I got sidetracked by the actual knitting once I got to the bust shaping. I took lots of measurements and did several swatches, and did lots and lots of math.

The lace itself is just your basic yo, k2tog, repeat; with three rows of stockinette between each lace row. I used three different sizes of needles to make it an a-line shape, rather than increasing/decreasing. I started at the bottom, with size 10 1/2 needles, then switched to size 8s, then to size 5s. The stockinette section was all done with size 5 needles. For the bust shaping, I started with kf&b increases, then some short row decreases, then some k2tog and skp decreases. I knitted the shoulders at the top of the front piece, then used a kitchener stitch to join them to the back. Sorry I can’t be much more specific than that; I started with a general idea and tweaked it as I went. I’m already planning the next one…:knitting:

Very nice!

:woot: it looks wonderful!! Great job!

I really love the top!


Wow! That is great! My fav colour too!

Great job, especially with recycled material.

Very nice :cheering:

That’s really nice!

Looks like a nice summer top, air conditioned even. :slight_smile: Nice fit.