FO-ready for wrapping!

I am so proud of myself!

The Yoga Bag and Earflap Hat are patterns from LMKG. Yoga Bag is WOTA, Earflap Hat is Knitpicks Andean Treasure (double strand, Baby Alpaca) and Black Hat is Plymouth Grande baby alpaca. It has a really pretty sheen to it. I lined the earflap hat with a band of microfleece for added comfort. I am so proud of that yoga bag that I want to keep it.


Very nice work!!! I love the colors in that bag! :thumbsup:

FANTASTIC job on all :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

wow - everything looks GRET!!! :cheering:

Nice job! Who are you giving the yoga bag to?

Beautiful!! You should be proud. That bag is so cool. :cheering:

Both are awesome but I :heart: :heart: :heart: the yoga bag!

That Yoga bag is so awesome! :slight_smile: Great job!

Man someone is going to be so proud to carry that Yoga bag and the earmuff hat looks so warm.

:cheering: Great job on them both love the colors :thumbsup:

I really need to make that yoga bag for my mat, but I am TERRIFIED because it looks like it would take so looooong.

GAWGEOUS work!! I, too, am a fan of that there yoga bag…and I dont DO yoga! LOVE the nice WIDE strap!

:cheering: :cheering: Beautiful job :cheering: :cheering:

I don’t know how I missed these. Beautiful work!!! :cheering:


Love the yoga mat bag! It looks like candy! And that earflap hat–was that tough to do? I’d like one for myself…

Nice work! :thumbsup:

Very lovely!! Love the black hat. Is it short as in doesn’t come over the ears? I bet it is gorgeous in person.

Seeing all the amazing gifts knitted makes me a little :crying: sad that I have never received a(hand) knitted gift before. I’m sure my family and friends like the gifts I knit–but, boy would I drool over a knitted gift, I would be totally overwhelmed by the skill, time, effort , thoughtfulness of that went into a knitted gift.

Knitting, where I am from (deep south, near New Orleans) is not a popular pastime. My friends think I’m a bit of anomaly, they used to ask questions (to be polite) "oh, you’re knitting??? in tone that implied that, that was a bit bizarre. Well, now that they have seen my fabo poncho that I wear with everthing, combined with the gifts they’ve received, they have truly come around to appreciate “knitting” Now, they announce to others, oh, cindy she knits!!! :thumbsup:

In the days since Katrina Knitting has helped keep me sane!
I :heart: Knitting!!

:inlove: very nice! great work! :heart:

Thanks for all the nice replys. I have only been knitting since October and am really proud of myself. The yoga bag is my pride and joy! It took be about a week and a half to knit – only worked on in the evenings and 13 minutes in the washer. So for anyone who is hesitant to make it, if I can do, anyone can! And the best thing is my sister loves the bag and my brother loves his hat (orange and gray are his favorite colors) AND it fits!

The black hat is mine and I have been getting plenty of wear out of it already. It does come over my ears, but I have a very small head. I also added a band of fleece on the inside.

I got the Boye interchangeables for christmas and can’t wait to start a new project. I am thinking of attempting the “tubey” sweater from Knitty.