FO(practically): Summer Swing top

Its done! And so cute.I am going to try to get a better pic today Phia was in a bad mood when I took this one. Probaly once I get all the ends woven in. I shortened the back but kept the straps the same length so that the back will dip down more. I am also thinking about adding a ruffle to the front and back as well. Haven’t decided that one though. Wooo!
Better pictures soon :slight_smile:

That is so cute! Great job! :thumbsup:


Wow!~ I love it in that color! And Phia is a doll!

:smiley: It’s simply adorable, Sandra!! Love the color! Phia is a doll :wink:

Sophia is adorable in that top!! It looks great!

I’ve got that on my “to knit” list! What yarn did you use? It turned out so cute for her. I think pink is her color!

Oh it’s lovely! I love that pattern! Sophia is just beautiful, bad mood and all! :inlove: :inlove:

LOVE that shade of pink! Gorgeous work!

TOO CUTE!! You did a great job and :heart: :heart: that color.

And that’s how she looks in a bad mood ?! Adorable!!

AWWW! I Love it! Just darling and so is the model!

I actually used Bernat Cottontots. Its not the greatest to knit with but it looks cute.
Thanks for all the wonderful comments! Sophia was in a very cranky mood actually. But as soon as I took the first pic she cheered up. She loves getting her picture taken. :smiley:

Really cute!