FO: Pomsquad Footies

Well, I didn’t find these terribly exciting to look @ once I finished them, but they WERE fun to knit, and I know I’ll make some more.

Pattern: Pomsquad on MagKnits
Yarn: King Cole Smooth DKin Cream and Buttercream

Actually, I ended up completely re-doing this pattern. First of all, I knit it on two circulars instead of 5 DPNs; secondly, my gauge was off using the size needles suggested in the pattern, and I didn’t have the right size Addi circs. So, I re-calculated stitches & went to town. What fun!

Additionally, the instructions for the short-row heels were not very clear. Once I figured out what I was doing (on the 2nd sock), I re-wrote the instructions and went back and ripped out the 1st sock back to the heel and re-knit it. Much better!

I’m hoping to try these again and use a pattern stitch for the top of the foot.

These were really easy to make. I think I could wing it completely w/out the pattern now.

How cute! :thumbsup:

I like the colors! Very cute!

:smiley: I love them…they look very comfy :smiley:

I also love them! They look great :slight_smile:

I like 'em a lot! They are cute and look so soft to wear. Great job! :happydance:

Great job - how cool that you were able to work through the pattern and make them look so wonderful!

Very cool…I’m in awe that you were able to fiddle with a sock pattern like that. I would’ve made a mess. :blush:
What an awesome way to use those last bits of leftover sock yarn, too. I’ll be bookmarking this!

Those are really cute and they look very cozy!

Gimmesanity – I was a little surprised @ myself, too. :shock: I guess that’s testimony to the simplicity of the pattern.

I’m thinking that once I get a few minutes, I’m going to sit down and write out the way I made them. I used a different cast on, different needles (hence different gauge), and my instructions for the heel were a bit different, too. Plus, like I said, I want to add a stitch pattern to the front of the foot. So, hopefully that will be forthcoming by the end of the week, but … hmmm … looking @ all those weeds in the yard … maybe next week?!!

Happy feet! :happydance:

They look great!

Those are awsome !!! My Mom would have a fit over 'em !!! :heart:

Those are really cute and comfy!

Not that it really matters, because everyone’s gauge can be different and you said that you used different needles anyways, BUT just curious what needle size you did use and how many stitches you cast on, because I looked at that pattern too and thought that 52sts sounded small. :thinking:

KQ –

I should clarify that when I said “different needles” I meant that I used 2 circs instead of 5 DPNs, but I did use US Size 1.

I ended up casting on 20 stitches using a Turkish Cast-On (which is waaay easier – for me, at least – than a Figure 8). Then, I increased to 48 stitches instead of 64. I think my gauge worked out to be about 6 st/in. Hers was something like 8.5 st/in.

So, actually, the size turned out to be roughly the same. :?? Didn’t it? Anyway – I have a rather narrow but looooong foot (size 10).