FO: Pinwheel Baby Blanket

Just finished doing the casting off for the blanket- 502 stitches on the last round…

It’s lovely. 502 stitches? Are you sure you counted that correctly? Just teasing. I have made that pattern, and those last few rows are L-O-N-G. It looks like you did a great job.

Beautiful !

Wow, that’s beautiful! Love the colors.

Pretty! :heart: The colors really make the swirly effect that you are caught in a whirlpool–going down. :slight_smile: Congratulations on finishing a big project. :thumbsup:

Wow! It looks great!!

Oh wow! What patience and determination! Great job! Beautiful work!

I does look like a whirlpool! :cool: Very pretty :thumbsup:

Beautiful! Love the colors and the way they worked up in this pattern. :slight_smile:

Very nice! The color and the pattern compliment each other beautifully!