FO - Picovoli

Finally, I finished my Picovoli tee! :happydance: I’d never made anything for myself in cotton until now. Since I finished the hemming and steam blocking in the afternoon, I was able to wear it out to dinner last night. The yarn used was KnitPicks Shine (sport weight) in Grass color, needle size 4. The steam blocking seemed to tame the picot edging (I was worried that it wouldn’t). I had more trouble with the back neck picot hem than the front, but that’s OK because then people can see that there’s no tag and that I knit it – hee hee!

One more thing, the yarn is so soft that when I was adjusting the tails of the bottom hem to secure them, the edging got a little fuzzy. One of my next projects is Green Gable. Originally, I was going to do it in Shine Worsted, but thought I should keep my options open. I ended up buying Tahki Cotton Classic #3331 (brownish red) which is 100% mercerized cotton. I already CO, joined, and finished the first time through Parts A and B. I can tell this is gonna be a fun, fun knit. :inlove: However, I’m going to set it aside and focus on finishing some other projects first. :XX:

I love it!!!
Beautiful knitted! :heart:
And it looks beautiful on you!! :thumbsup:

:smiley: GORGEOUS!!! I love, love the color :smiley:

Great Job, Jackie!!! I love it–want to knit one for my dil now! :smiley:

It looks really lovely! Are you happy with the fit?? I made one a few months back and haven’t worn it yet due to the weather not being warm enough yet, but I’m worried that mine turned out a tad too big and I hope I’m able to shrink it a bit. The waist part is good, but the sleeves are loose.

At any rate, yours looks fantastic and I love the picot edging!! :cheering:

Looks awesome, perfect for summertime!

I chose to make the 38" size, but used thinner yarn than the pattern calls for. Also: after CO for the underarms to join the front and back, I had to do short rows (only 2 though). It turned out slightly bigger than expected and “grew” a little while wearing. But then again, I haven’t washed it yet. So, it could shrink a little. I’m curious to see how it wears in the washer and dryer. I probably will only put it in the dryer for 10 minutes, then lay it flat.

That is one beautiful tank. I love the color and the shaping. It looks fantastic on you! :smiley:

That’s beautiful! I love the picot edging!

You did a fabulous job on that! It looks fantastic and fits perfectly, too! :cheering: :cheering:


What a perfect fit - color style and all!


WOW!! :inlove:

Never, in a million years I’ll be able to make something like this! Gorgeous! And so well fitting!!

What everyone else has said! So Pretty! :cheering:


I love eveything about it!! It fits perfectly on you too! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Never say never!! :wink: I made this top, as I said, and I found it to be a really nice, easy to follow pattern. It looks gorgeous (and complicated) but really it’s not that difficult if you know the basics. And the fit comes from the cleverly placed full fashioning decreases. It’s just a great design! :smiley:

I know I’m climbing on the bandwagon a little late here, but that’s SO pretty! Great job!


Great job! :thumbsup: :thumbsup: I love the color!!

Beautiful work – your knitting looks absolutely perfect and it looks great on you!

Your stitches are so even and perfect. It looks fantastic on you…the color goes perfect with your skin.