FO Pic-sleeved poncho/AND baby cardigan(added)

Here it is ladies my sleeved poncho!!

AND here is a baby cardigan that is from Knitting Pure and Simple. This is a size 6 mo and I’m almost finished a second cardigan which is 12 mo.

Wow! Cool! nice job. Pattern please. :yay: :clap: :woohoo:

:thumbsup: Very nice job! What pattern?

:thumbsup: Very nice job! What pattern?

Nice grill!

I mean, poncho! :rofl: kidding! It looks great!

Very nice - looks cozy!

:heart: Love it!

Beautiful work!

Beautiful!! :thumbsup:


Beautiful!!! You did a great job :cheering:

:muah: The pattern is from Mary Maxim. This was a kit. I’m about to make a second one for a massage therapist at my work. She gets a poncho and I get a massage!! The poncho is so nice.

Excellent! I like the design down the front!

I just saw that in the catalog the other day. I wanted to order it, but it was a bit hard to see what it’d look like from the pose of the model. Now I know I want to order it. It’s georgeous - you really did a great job. :slight_smile:

The design is the same on the front and back. I’m thinking about adding pockets to the inside as well.

WOW! Great work. :yay: That poncho is FAB!! :inlove: I just gotta make that one.

Nadja xxx

:hug: Everyone!!

If it helps I’m only 4’11" so if that give you any idea of how big it is.

Wow, you have beautiful knitting. It looks like you could knit anything. :notworthy:

Both of those are very nice!

Love the Poncho!!