FO PIC Felted Alpine Boots!

OK my project from this weekend… something for ME! :hyper: felted boots! I love them! Now just have to wait for them to dry completely!!

Those are so cool!!:inlove:

Those are so cool! Love them and you did a great job with fur!!!

Now my Husband wants a short pair yay more knitting in my future! lol like there wasn’t before right…

I love the fur trim.

They’re so neat! What a great use of fun fur.

:woot: Very neat!! Those look great!!

Love them. Great job.

Those are absolutely adorable!

WOW those are great, what pattern did you use?

Wow! those boots are soooooooooooo beautiful!!! Great Job!!!

The pattern is from Fiber Trends.
The boots are pretty much dry except for the sole. The sole is double, so nice and comfy soft.

Erika, those are so cool, and they’ll be so warm for those chilly nights in Shelton. We used to live there, and remember being really cold while waiting for the wood stove to heat up.

Where do you live now? Normally my knitted socks keep my toes nice and toasty not this year though. So did you shop at Fancy Image Yarn while you lived here? I love that store.

They are so lovely! You have done a brilliant job :slight_smile:

Those are awesome! Love the color, and the fun fur is the perfect touch. Another project for my ever-growing list. Thanks for posting.

What a clever use for fun fur! Those are so unique! :wink:

Hi Duckiling , I just wanted to ask what kind of needles are used in this pattern. Are tehre any dpns or just straight or circular?
I wanted to make the kids version.
Thanks :slight_smile:

:cheering: :woot: :inlove:

Hi Ritaw, the pattern calls for size 13 circs 16" long. I didn’t have this size needle so I used size 10.5 circs. This is the extra large kid size. I think they want the size 13 circs so that in the end you will have a tighter felt.
I didn’t felt mine what was recommended on the pattern and can barely see the knitting lines.
But they fit great and I will need to buy some size 13 circs