FO: "Petronia" cardigan

Oy vey! I’ve so totally procrastinated finishing this lovely little cardigan! It’s knit with dk weight yarn…Elsebeth Lavold’s Silky Wool which I’ve had for aeons, and it is my favorite dk wool of all. A dk weight sweater is the most popular sweater of all. I read that. You’ll grab for your dk sweater first of all! They are always just about right! Not too thin, not too heavy.

The pattern stitch was a PITA in the armhole shaping upper body. I would rate this cardigan 5 stars, [B]but I wouldn’t recommend the pattern to anyone[/B] except a very experienced sweater knitter. I barely muddled through it without mistakes. ‘Choreographing’ the pattern repeats was a nightmare for the Back because the repeats were impacted differently at each end of the row. Some repeats disappeared altogether, being gobbled up by decreases, some didn’t. :eyes:

So here she is:

I adore this hemline. The cuffs are the same. I think the designer really
worked out the numbers for it perfectly. A wonderful transition from rib to lace!
It totally satisfied the perfectionist in me. I hate awkward and crude transitions.

My Rav notes.

So beautiful and so worth all the meticulous attention to detail. This sweater must look gorgeous on and feel wonderful. A real “go to”, as you say. I love it!

Beautiful sweater! I can see how DK would be popular. I think I’ll pass on making it though.:zombie:

Lovely. If I were a multi-millionaire I’d try to commission you to make one for me, but I doubt we could negotiate a deal. :shrug: As usual you have done a stunning job and the sweater is a work of art. :thumbsup: That is so far beyond my skill level I must simply :notworthy:

Gorgeous !

Ooh, what a lovely cardigan. Just the right thing for cool autumn

that is a beauty!! I can see how that would be totally “wearable.” I know I would! Enjoy!!

PS how in the world do you have enough days in the year to wear all your sweaters! :roflhard:

A lot of them are ‘ladies in waiting’! Some get worn more! As single ply (yarn) sweaters become hopelessly pulled, they become ‘bathrobes’ and ‘bed sweaters’! I’ve given away lots of sweaters that I didn’t wear as much as I thought I would. Three of my granddaughters are now the proud owners of some real beauts! And one of my BFF’s has a couple. I gave them away BEFORE they became trashed, when they were still nice. Two of them were never worn by me, and I knit them for myself. But they looked better on my granddaughters than on me. They had to borrow a sweater each to go to a Pacific.Northwest version of Stitches with me, to the Yarn Market. I let them go into my sweater room and choose a sweater each. By the time we came home I realized these sweaters were ‘meant for them’! Oh my. The yarn for each cardigan was about $100, maybe more. I don’t want to know. But they have a mother who takes excellent care of fine Knits. I’m happy to share!

The link below shows them in their sweaters! And me in my Faery Ring Hoodie.

Gorgeous, as always. :heart:

A gorgeous sweater as always! I always look forward to seeing your work, it is just so beautiful. You always choose great patterns and the sweaters look professional.