FO: palindrome scarf

this is my second thing ever.
palindrome scarf:

cast on 52 instead of 40 cause i wanted it wider, patons merino wool, denim marl. took just over 2 skeins to get it 5’6" or so on size 7 needles over a full 3-day weekend plus a little

up next, the palindrome hat!

it looks great!!!:yay: :yay:

Good work! First FO and you did cables, good for you. Soon you’ll be doing Irish Fisherman’s sweaters. :slight_smile:

Fabulous!!! I sure wish my “second thing ever” had looked anything like this! It took me a couple of years knitting before I was brave enough to try this pattern! Great job!

Scarf looks terrific. Nice job!

Another fabulous palindrome scarf.

Looks great. I really like the Palindrome pattern.

Wonderful! That’s amazing that you’re already doing cables on your 2nd FO!


That is a professional-looking scarf for only a 2nd! (Well for any number really) Nice work.

I love the Palindrome scarf … I have knitted 2 myself x

Great job! Dontcha just love cables?

love that pattern & you did a great job knitting it:thumbsup:

thanks everyone. i hope i can keep it up. i just started the hat last night and i’m really worried it won’t fit! guess i’ll have to wait and see!

Well I for one LOVE your scarf. :wink: :cheering:

:woohoo: it looks great!!

[B]Very classy looking![/B] I love it! Thanks for sharing!

A great job on your 2nd FO! I love the classy color :thumbsup:

Nice texture and pattern.

Looks great!