FO: Owlz hat

So… my LYS is doing an owls KAL (anything with the cabled owls) and I said I’d never cast on because owls creep me out - they turn their heads around, and David Bowie was one in Labyrinth (however that IS my favorite movie). I decided to give it a go since I needed to knit a hat for my former ballet teacher and she’s into really bright colors and ‘standing out’.

Fine… I love the darn hat… I kinda want one… in fact I’m still wearing it as I type this post!!!

So… here it is!

I love the hat, way to go!:thumbsup:

Really cute! Know what you mean about owls, though.

Whooooo! :teehee: Love it!!

Sorry owls creep you out - I love them! As you may have guessed by my password. Love your hat too although I would do it in a different color for myself. Where can I find the pattern?

That’s the link to the pattern :o)

Thanks for the quick reply - I will check it out.

Love the hat, Evan! :heart: Thanks for the pattern link. I like owls, myself although Native American and Mexican culture both believe they are bad omens.

I am another ballet bunhead and my teacher told me that they used to knit their own tights during rehearsals. My teacher used to dance with Ballanchine. She also said they used regular cardis and just wrapped & buttoned them in back and that is how the ballet wrap sweater was eventually born.

Great hat!

Labyrinth is my favorite movie too. I just watched it again last weekend :slight_smile:

Oh yes! I love this design…and you did a bang up job of it, Evan!

Agreed - great job Evan!! Love the color and stitch pattern! So glad you tried it! LOL

Thank you Evan for turning me on to this blog. I especially enjoyed the links to the cat photos! Now I want to do the owl hat and the owl sweater. First I will have to finish my bear sweater. I have done some reading about animal totems and these are mine - owls also can have a few good qualities.

Love it!! Isn’t it great how knitting makes everything (including creepy owls) better?

Awesome hat Evan!