FO - Oregon Tote #6

Wow! A 2-FO week for me! Amazing!

I actually remembered to take the 2nd photo in the same fashion as the first so you could get an idea about how much the bags shrink when they’re felted.

So … here 'tis:

Vital Statistics:

Two strands throughout; WOTA Cherry Blossom and Blueberry

Gorgeous. I love the colour combos! :smiley:

Beautiful job, DotMom!!!

So pretty! You did a great job on it. :smiley:

Thanks! :sunny:

Very pretty!

That’s cute! I love the stripes.

Beautiful! Love that color combo :thumbsup:

Love it!!! :heart:

:smiley: Love, love it…I really must get the Oregon pattern, I really like it :thumbsup: Love your color selection :wink:


Beautiful! I love the colors!

:inlove: that’s gorgeous! yummy colors! great job! :inlove:

Dm, those colors gorgeous and the stripes are sweet! Kudos to you for remembering the scale in both pictures. :happydance:

Beautiful!! :thumbsup:

Thanks, everyone!!


I bought the Oregon Tote pattern at Chix awhile back, I’m excited to make one of these! :happydance:

OOOO … do it, Andrea! :wink: They’re pretty fun to make, really. Pretty simple, and then you get to pick up all those stitches on the top … twice. :rollingeyes:

Really, though, it turns out a very nice bag!

Wow it does shrink quite a bit, I cant believe the differnce in how it looks pre and post shrink, it looks fabulous! Well done!