FO-Orange Blossom Doll from Strawberry Shortcake


I finally finished my orange blossom doll that I kept neglecting for the longest time. I love her!!! I’m starting a knitting club at my son’s school this year and I had the doll on my display table during open house and that was hit. The kids were so excited!!! One little boy said, “she looks alive!” I thought that was really cute. Other kids came over thinking that I was selling them. Anyway, here it is. If you would like to see the rest of my FOs of the last two months, click here I can’t upload all the pictures here because it’s way just too much and I would have to resize them all. Enjoy!


Oh my gosh… she is ADORABLE!

Someone… or all of us… should come up with a good Rainbow Brite pattern… I’d totally make her. Where did you get the pattern for her? Is it from a book? :slight_smile:

that is amazing!! love her! I second the question- is she from a book/ magazine?

Riss- I bet we could modify a doll to be RB- that would be so cool. gotta do some research…

thats what I was thinking… I have RB on dvd :smiley:

I’m coming to your house!!! LOL! can we watch the fifth element too?

If this Orange Blossom is from a book, I’m totally buying it… I really want to get good at amigurumi…


The pattern is from a Leisure arts leaflet. You can find it at Michaels for $9.95 or you can use their 40% off coupon and save some money. I modified the pattern a little big because the tiny body doesn’t support the big head that well. I also used different yarn colors and eyes.
The also made the dolls on my avatar from this booklet.


Oh man… gonna have to grab that book… SO cute…

Rainbow Brite here I come :smiley:

Your Orange Blossom doll is great! I’m gonna have to look into getting those patterns, my daughter loves Strawberry Shortcake.
And Rainbow Brite? How cool would that be! :cheering:

Your Orange Blossom is so adorable. And I also love the cupcake hat on your Flickr page. Great job with all your recent finishes. :yay:


I love her , she is wonderful. Now! only if i could crochet .

I am a knitter. i have to learn quick :slight_smile:

She is beautiful, Lestrella!!!

I love it! I had all the original Strawberry Shortcake dolls and accessories when I was little. :slight_smile: I am going to look for this booklet.

Does anyone know if there is a knit version to this pattern?

Thank you


I don’t know if there is a knit version but it’s really easy to convert the pattern into knitting. All you have to do is replace the single crochet for a knit stitch. That should do it! :hug:

Thank you,

I will give it a go after my next project.

I am doing the victorian pillow that quiltylady posted on whatcha knitting.

Thank you



I enjoyed looking at all the photos of your work. Everything is beautiful! Can you tell me what pattern and yarn you used for both the Bunny Comfort Blanket and the Bear Hat. I’d love to make both. Let us know how the Knit Club goes at your son’s school. Great idea!

Thank you so much Pam.

For the bunny comfort blanket I used the Lion Brand Homespun and got the pattern from their website. For the bear hat, I used sugar and cream cotton (the one for dishclothes). It’s not the softest but that’s what I had available. I just made a regular beanie hat and crochetted some ears.


Thank you! I can’t wait to try them. I have some partial skeins of Homespun left over from prayer shawls. That would be a fun way to use them, if there’s enough. I’ll be checking back with your photos to see how to do the faces. Thanks again.

She’s beautiful! Really excellent!