FO: off-the-shoulder top

It’s from Vogue Knitting (spring/summmer 2004), I used “Cabaret” by Reynolds. I was disappointed when I tried it on because it looked crappy on me. When my sister put it on, however, it looked amazing. Needless to say, it belongs to her now.

Beautiful! That color is wonderful!

Wow it looks great, and she looks VERY happy to have it!

Mama Bear

Gorgeous! Looks great on her, too…you are a good sister :thumbsup:

Beautiful! Looks great on her! :slight_smile:

Woo hoo! Hot stuff! I’m glad you found an appreciative recipient of your hard work!

That is gorgeous! :inlove: And your sister wears it well–and looks quite happy in it, too! :happydance:

Oh wow that is great!!! And your sister looks very happy to have herself a new top! Well done!

Ohh that’s so pretty! :thumbsup:

You did a great job :thumbsup: . Now you will just have to find some more yarn and another pattern, for you. :smiley:

That’s beautiful! I’m sorry it didn’t fit you well, but at least it’s going to a good home!

That came out great! She looks beautiful in it!

It’s beautiful and your sister looks wonderful in it!

That’s just gorgeous!


That’s very lovely! Your sis looks very pleased!

wow looks great! :slight_smile:

Cute top! Your sister looks gorgeous in it!

That is so pretty! Great job!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

That is one sexy knit! Good job! And LOVE the color on her too!