FO - Noro Knits "York" Zip Up Cardigan

I’ve finally finished my York sweater from the Noro Knits book. I got my mum to sew the zip in for me because I’ve never done one before and she’s a fab seamstress! :smiley:

Well here it is:- (forgive the picture quality - I was on my own!)

It looks fabulous!!! That ribbing must have taken FOREVER!!!

Gorgeous!! :heart:

fab color! Great job!

Beautiful! The colors are gorgeous :smiley: . What size needles did you have to use? I love the ribbing.

That is beautiful!! :thumbsup:

I usually don’t like green but this is beeyoootiful!!! :inlove:

Agreed!! :inlove:

Stunning… simply stunning! :inlove:

I LOVE that. It’s spectacular.

Thank you all for your lovely comments.

Holly, I love the ribbing too although it did take a while - it was k2 p2 ribbing though so wasn’t too bad - unlike the seed stitch I’m doing at the moment which is k1 p1 with very slippery cotton! For the first time ever my fingers are getting cramp whilst knitting! :frowning: I used size 8 US needles (5mm) as recommended by the pattern. Whilst knitting the rib was making the pieces look absolutely tiny but luckily after some gentle blocking the finished article is a great fit.

However as with the other pattern that I made from this book I needed an extra ball of wool! :shock: I don’t really understand why as my tension was spot on for both the patterns I knitted. Still - now I buy one more ball than the pattern says because I live in fear of running out and not being able to buy more wool to finish!

Now - I just need to get my seed stitch “pebbles” jacket finished and then I can start another Noro sweater - this time with Big Kureyon - can’t wait. I think I’m a Noro addict!

Gorgeous!! :inlove:

Oooh, I love it!! :inlove: :inlove:

K2P2 isn’t bad once you get into the rhythm of it. Seed stitch, however, is maddening…I admire your patience! :wink: