FO - Newborn Hat

This is my very first time crocheting a hat of any sort!! The pattern was easy and worked up very quickly. You can find it here:

I used TLC Baby Amore in Baby Print for one and Caron’s Simply Soft for the other.

The toppers were made from this pattern

Thanks for checking them out :slight_smile:

I can’t believe those are your first try - they are absolutely wonderful! I love the toppers!:star:

Beautiful!!! :inlove:

Wonderful job! They look very warm and cozy too!


Simply adorable.

What cute hats! Thanks for posting the pattern sites.


They are adorable :smiley:

So cute!!

Real nice work and the hats are cute!:cheering:

Obviously you are a NATURAL! Beautiful work.

They are so cute…thanks for the links to the pattern…I just had to make one too…turned out great…fun and easy…love the patterns for the toppers too!
Merry :slight_smile:

You did a wonderful job!! :happydance: :happydance: I think your topper turned out better than mine! I have another hat on the horizon as soon as I finish some of my other projects (aren’t there always more projects!!).:wink:

:yay: Great job! They’re very cute.:cheering:

Thank you so much! I’ve been looking for how to crochet a hat and here it is! Thank you so much!!! Looks good the hat!:woot:

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