FO: Mystery Stole 3

I really enjoyed knitting this but it turned out really big! I love the wing part so much I wish it had them on both ends.

More pictures and info here:

I love it so much! You’re really brave to do the mystery stole - I don’t know if I could ever knit something without knowing what it’s going to look like (or at least what it’s SUPPOSED to look like!) Really elegant, and it looks great on you! Nice job!

Thank you! The whole “mystery” thing was actually fun. Plus Melanie (the designer) has such a great track record it was easy to trust her. I couldn’t wait to get the next “clue” of the pattern every Friday.

very pretty

Very pretty!

The best thing about being a Slow Bee Knitter is that I could always see the pics of those who had finished the clue before me, and therefore knew what it was supposed to look like! I’m on Clue 5, the second chart, so I’m still slogging away at it, having a wonderful time, I might add.

Kemp, your stole is really beautiful, and it drapes so lovely. Thanks for sharing it!

It’s exquisite!

It’s beeeaaaauuuutiful! And you look lovely wrapped in that stole :yay::notworthy:


i love your stola

biger always better:happydance:

That is gorgeous, I love the colours!