FO - My summer slippers!

I pretty much used this pattern but did stockinette rather than garter stitch, added a bit of ribbing around the edges and slipped the first stitch of each row. If anyone else makes these, make the piece as long as your foot from heel to big toe before doing the K2tog rows, rather than the 7.5-8" suggested by the pattern UNLESS you have feet that small (I sure don’t!!)

I want to embellish these a bit more somehow, not sure how, I’d like to cover up the top seam a bit more if I could, I don’t think I seamed it tight enough and it really shows (to me, anyways!). Also, the top of the back of the heel is a bit loose and I feel like they might fall off as I actually wear them and they stretch out a bit, I’m thinking of sewing in a small strip of narrow elastic just to snug it up a bit.

I used two strands of sock yarn (Bernat Sox in the colours Steel Hot and Pink Hot) and size 5 needles, cast on 36 stitches and it was about 6.5-7" across (I did this because I have rather wide feet).


Very cute!!! :cheering:

Those are toooo cute!!! You might want to try duplicate stitching along the seam :thumbsup:

Thanks Becka, that’s a great suggestions, I think I’ll give it a whirl!

Oh, I love them!! adds them to her list :heart: :heart:

Those are cute!

Rebecca, I did the duplicate stitching and it looks SO much better. Thanks for the great suggestion! :smiley: And might I say, using variagated or multi-strands of different yarn covers a multitude of mistakes!! :wink:

Very cute slippers, looks like the will keep your feet warm on cold nights.

Nice job - I love the color combo!

They look great!

KQ - GREAT job! I think I want to do these too now!

Those are so cute! Great job! :thumbsup:

I’m frustrated because I made the second slipper and it’s way too loose on the heel and doesn’t fit nearly as well as the first one, even though I made them exactly the same way :frowning:

What’s duplicate stitching??? Those are very pretty slippers… just what I need, another project!

Those are really cute. I love the color.

Thanks Becka, that’s a great suggestions, I think I’ll give it a whirl![/quote]

If it were me, I would attach a knitted flower on the seam!


Very Cute!

I’m takin’ them apart :rollseyes: . The second one just sucks compared to the first one. I don’t know why, it seems like my gauge is waaaay looser on the second one. I did the same # of rows and everything, and the second one falls off if I even take one step in it.

So I’m going to make a pair of pink/grey striped socks instead.

Oh - I love them. They are just too cute!! Nice work.