FO: My So Called Scarf

I finally got to that pattern!
[B]Pattern[/B]: My So Called Scarf by Allison Isaacs.
[B]Needles[/B]: 8.00mm.
[B]Yarn[/B]: MCY Wool Silk in color Pixie.

I had to knit something on large needles since recent pairs of socks have totally ruined my elbows.
I’ve bought the yarn about a year and a half ago and actually got what i bought. Only later i’ve learned all the scandal around the owner of the company. The yarn was a bit stiff while knitting, but then i’ve discovered that everything said about this yarn is probably true! First of all, it’s full of some weird grass or something. Secondly, it bleeds like nothing i’ve seen before. Not even vinegar could help it :shock: and the purple bleeding stopped after about 30(!!!) times changing the water! It lost some of its’ brightness, but definitely got softer, maybe because i washed it with Unicorn Fibre Wash and Fibre Rinse. It still has the silky sheen and looks generally good.
This yarn was paired with the pattern from the start, i don’t think i could’ve come up with a more suitable pattern for it. The pattern itself is absolutely wonderful, so easy and intuitive and the outcome is great. Loved it!
The picture is not the best, took it today with my new cellphone (the one i got from my workplace), so it’s not the best. Hope you like it!

Well, through all your troubles, it certainly looks great!

Thanks! I wish i had the patience to wait and take a better picture!

Lovely scarf. I love the colors in it. Great job!

I hadn’t heard anything about this company–sorry the yarn was such a hassle, but your scarf still turned out beautiful. :slight_smile:

Looks great to me ! Lovely infact:)

It turned out beautiful in spite of the bleeding yarn!! Love the colors. I have a scarf using this pattern OTN now. Can’t wait to finish it.

Sorry you had so much trouble with the yarn, but it looks wonderful! I love the MSCS pattern too, and it looks especially nice with this yarn. Enjoy!

I’m not familiar with the yarn/company, but the scarf turned out great. The colors seem pretty vibrant in that photo - very pretty. I’m glad you’re pleased with the end result despite all the troubles!

Looks wonderful and the colours look lovely in the photo.

Sorry to read that all the problems were true on your yarn too…I remember when that all came out…

The colors still look very pretty and it fits the scarf perfectly! Very pretty :inlove:

It is wonderful Nat!!! Wonderful! I saw this scarf pattern and I was afraid to try the pattern. I couldn’t wrap my pea brain around the concept. But since you say it isn’t hard, I will give it a try soon!

I sure do love yours, and the colors, too!

Thanks! It’s one of the easiest patterns ever, you dec and inc in the same 2 sts, that’s all!