FO: My So Called Scarf

I just finished this. :woohoo: It was such an easy knit and I can’t wait to give it to my hubby’s Uncle for Christmas. I used Manos del Uruguay and I just loved the way it turned out.

Great job! I love the way this scarf looks, I’ve been meaning to try it! What Manos colourway did you do it in?

Thanks! The colorway is 119. It took just about 2 skeins.

Very cute model!! The scarf looks great :happydance:

That looks fabulous! I love that pattern… was it complicated?

Very nice x

Thanks! Not complicated at all. It was really only knit and purl stitches. I only had to look at the pattern during the first couple of rows and then it was smooth sailing.

That’s a lovely scarf! I’m sure he’ll like it!

What a lovely scarf and and even more adorable little boy :slight_smile:

Great job! I love MSCS, and yours is beautiful. I made one last year from the same colorway of Manos. BTW, your model is adorable!

I love it, too! JUST LOVE IT!!! This is truly artwork! Great job!:thumbsup:


:thumbsup: on the scarf. Looks great!

that’s some beautiful yarn! What stitch is that?

Aww your son is too cute! I love his dimples and the scarf is awesome I love the color choice:thumbsup:

Beautiful! Scarf & model! :smiley: This scarf has been on my to do list for a while … just haven’t gotten to it yet. Maybe after the holidays…

Nice scarf! I love the color!!! Cute kid, too!


yours is beautyful!:inlove: I just started one for a christmas gift ,& your right the stitch is not to hard. after some:hair: it was easy!:stuck_out_tongue: .

Looks good! :slight_smile: