FO: My Mmmalabrigo Rainy Day Scarf

I finished my Rainy Day Scarf today! And how appropriate… it’s been gray and rainy all week here in Philly.

It was my first time knitting with Malabrigo but it won’t be my last. I bought a single hank of the colorway paris night during the k2p2 madness and really enjoyed the yarn and the pattern!!

That looks great! I :heart::heart::heart: the color!

I luffs it, CG!! That colorway is so perfect for that scarf. What a great job! :yay:

Beautiful! I am glad to hear one hank is enough…now I know what to do with my Mmmmmm! :slight_smile:

wOw. i really love that colorway! :inlove:

[SIZE=“1”]:psst: it looks like we need a mmmmm rainy day scarf KAL! :teehee:[/SIZE]


Definitely great job! The color is :passedout:!

Very nice! Love the color!

It’s beautiful! I love the colorway – it works really well with the pattern. I’m planning to make this scarf next and I may just have to order some Malabrigo for it. Thanks for posting.

That looks wonderful. That pattern is one of my choices for the Malabrigo I bought this week.

[B][I][COLOR=purple]Wonderful work Cinnamon![/COLOR][/I][/B] :thumbsup: Thanks for sharing the photo!

I am always on the look-out for different colorways of Malabrigo and how they knit up! I didn’t know that Paris Night was as purple as shown in your photo. From different websites photos of it…I thought it was more navy or indigo.

[B]I love your color choice![/B]

Thanks for suggesting the pattern SkyBluePink!

And ArtLady1981, I thought the same thing when I ordered it, actually indigo came to mind, but the tag says “paris night”. It was my first Malabrigo and I wanted something that would look nice with my black coat. And as much as those beautiful colors, the greens and fuschias and turquoises called my name I ended up ordering something on the darker side. I was surprised when it arrived, it’s not blue at all but a sort of eggplanty purple, black and a lighter gray-purple. The pic, on my computer screen anyway is very accurate. I really like it.

Just looked at your picture again and have decided that is the pattern I will use. The second hank I will use to make matching mittens.

HMMM seriously thinking of going to that knit shop while visiting up here in Anchorage and buying some malabrigo. Great job! And what pattern did you use?

Looks great and I love the color

Here’s the link for the pattern

It should keep you warm and toasty up there in Anchorage!!

In fact, here’s the link to the original blog it was posted on by Beth.

In case anyone wants to make it larger it can be easily accomplished. If I had another hank of Mmmmalabrigo I probably would have.

[COLOR=“RoyalBlue”][I][B]*note: The Wavy Pattern could be adapted to suit any gauge yarn; it is a multiple of 4 sts/32rows. Just increase or decrease the number of times the K 2, P 2 (or P 2, K 2) is repeated in the middle. Actually, I guess you could even use it to make a baby blanket or an afghan. Or a pillow. Hmmm…[/B][/I][/COLOR]

Wow I love those colours!! It will look lovely with a black coat, really classy!!

thanks Cinnamon! Today I bought some Malabrigo before we leave Anchorage. I’m so excited to make myself something with this yarn!