FO- My Little Companion (felted purse)

Yarn: Jo-Ann Sensations Bellezza Collection Cosetta Wool Blend in Teal Link to yarn

My bag definately looks a bit different from the one pictured on the pattern. It’s just not as square. I actually don’t mind that, but it is the square shape that attracted me to the pattern to begin with. I need to make a good form for blocking to get that shape, I think. Overall, I like the pattern. Instructions were very good. The I-cord bind off and strap “buttonholes” were a little intimidating, but the directions were great. The yarn felted nicely in one wash. I liked the size, so I did not run it through a second time. The yarn has a very nice gradual stripe pattern to it and was easy to knit.

Lessons learned: Don’t let the bag go through the spin cycle. Make a good form and block it while it’s damp.

Gorgeous! I love the color!!

What a cute little bag! That color is beautiful!

I :heart: the bag Brooke :thumbsup:


Very nice!!

It looks great! :smiley: Felting in one cycle…lucky you!

Very pretty, Brooke!! I have the Oregon Tote pattern from KnitKits, and I love it. The buttonholes for the cord were slightly intimidating, yes, but they’re worth it, don’t you think? I had done a Booga before this & I much rather knit the holes than poke them through the fabric.

That yarn looks like it has a bit of a sparkle to it. I’ll have to watch for some of that @ Joann’s … gorgeous!

How did you like working with the Joann’s yarn? I havent heard any reviews on their stuff yet…

The bag looks GREAT! GORGEOUS color!

Im curious as to what lesson you learned about not letting it spin. Ive let felted clogs spin before…even sent them through the DRYER! (BLASPHEMY!) and Ive never had any trouble.

Thanks for the kind words. The color is actually a bit darker and richer in person. It’s quite nice.

Kelly- this is the first Joann Sensations yarn I’ve used. I like it and would use it again. It seems a lot nicer than Lion Brands wool blends.

As far as the spin cycle goes…I think I could have shaped the bag a little better if it were more damp. I have a front loader, so even on the slow spin cycle my felted items come out almost dry. I’m sure its different depending on the yarn used, though.

I went to the bead store today and got a few beads to embellish the bag a little bit. I’ll post more pics when I’m done with that.

Brooke, I really love :heart: your bag!! I MUST get some of their bag patterns I love both that one & the Oregon!! You did a great job :cheering: :cheering: love love the color :happydance: :happydance:

I love the bag, and love the colors. You did a great job! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! [size=2]My birthday is coming up…hint hint…hee hee [/size]:mrgreen: You can send it to:

April Davis
123 Wishing St.
In My Dreams, New Mexico :rofling:

I L :heart: VE it !!!

The color is GREAT!!! Glad to know about the yarn!

I just ordered their Oregan Tote pattern (I almost said RECIPE!) last night!!! Can’t wait to get it now!

Penny that’s funny, I sometimes slip pattern for recipe when I’m talking about cooking! :roflhard:

Great bag Brooke! It looks really nice, and I love the colors too.

Brooke, it’s gorgeous! What are its measurements?

nice bag, love the shape and color. I had no idea you could get yarn for felting from Joannes. Learn something new all the time.


:happydance: :cheering:

Size of my finished purse is 7" high, 8" wide at bottom, 7" wide on top (with sides folded in) and 5" deep.

Here it is after I added a few beads. The color is much truer in these pics.

Total yumminess. :inlove:

:happydance: ohh thats soo pretty great job!! :thumbsup: