FO: my hat! (I added on to my other thread)

here’s a bunch of the most recent hats for charity that I have been doing. The beret one, that my husband is wearing and in the photo there are three of them (so far) is my fav pattern right now so I won’t bore you all with future versions of it. The pattern is in the book from Lion Brand “Just Hats”

Most of the hats were made with Nordic Wave, and Woolease. The chuckier berets (my DHs and the white one) were made from 100% wool - DH’s is Lopi and the white one I’m not sure what brand the wool is - I got it in a lot of wool from a neighbor when she was selling all her wool at a garage sale.

The pink and maroon squarish hat was taken from a “Monkey Suits” pattern - the Jackie O hat - and boy oh boy I wish I had a daughter to wear it!

Those hats are great! Looks like an ad in a magazine. :heart:

Beautiemous Carol!! I love them all! You can send one to me at… :smiley:

SO cool! And, your DH looks so ARTSY in his!! :mrgreen:

Carol…I so, so love your hats! GAWGEOUS!!! I love hats…can I pick the one that I want :roflhard: …?!

Wonderful hats! Which charity will be the lucky recipient? They are all terrific.

aww thanks everyone! The lucky charity is FG and Rebecca :rofling:

Actually I’m sending these to Pine Ridge Reservation! Though my pal Joan is stopping by with her three children and another one (a friend’s child) so perhaps they’ll want one or something.

I can knit up one of these in two evenings of TV watchin! Umm, thank goodness for TV :shock:

Yeah, DH is an arty guy (he’s a clockmaster and a guitarist, so the hat really fits him - I’m so jealous though - I want to make one for myself now! Another reason to go buy more yarn, uh huh! :smiley: )

Very nice Carol!!!
And your DH is very handsome… very Sean Connery. :wink:

Those hats look great! And I agree, your DH looks very nice in the green one! :wink:

:cheering: Wonderful hats!!

Carol my :inlove: husband is a singer & guitarist :smiley: !!

rebecca, too bad we don’t live closer - we could hook our DHs up!


thanks silver - :heart: and mer and dusti!!! I’m just about done with a deep purple one for myself! whooo hoooo! I’ll take a photo in it too! :wink:

WHat Kelly said. :cheering: :cheering:

thanks femmy! and here’s my hat, all done.

gosh, it’s difficult taking a side-view shot of oneself! heheee
(I’m in our downstairs ‘Bouguereau’ bathroom - I think there’s like 7 copies of his paintings/prints in it!)