FO: My first sweater

Many months ago I started a sweater for my cousin’s baby (who wasn’t born yet). I had just taught myself how to knit, and I guess I knitted very tightly. Well, I put the sweater away with everything done except half the sleeves.
The baby is now four months old, and I met her yesterday for the first time. Last week I got the sweater out so I could finish it (nothing like waiting until the last minute). My knitting has thankully loosened, so I could tell where my new stitches started. My DH suggested using smaller needles,which I thought was a good suggestion from a non-knitting male, but time was short and I didn’t want to frog. I don’t think non-knitters will notice.

I have a picture of the sweater, one of the baby wearing it, and a close up to give you an idea of the colors. The pattern was from Knitting Pure and Simple, but I modified it quite a bit, especially around the edges, and I started at the top of the hood and worked down. The yarn was an old acrylic from my college crochet days. The label was gone, so I don’t even know what it was. It was two-ply, with one yellow and one greenish blue strand.

Lovely. I like the color.:yay::yay::yay::yay:

Oh that is just adorable (and the baby is too!) !!! Love the colors and the hoodie.

Oh what a beautiful little sweater (and the baby’s not too bad lookin’ either. Must be the sweater!)

How cute is that!!!

So… That’s what you’ve been up to!

It’s lovely. And in the picture where she’s wearing it the difference between the stitches doesn’t show!

I’ve yet to learn to knit in the round.


What a cutie! And the knitting nice, too. :teehee: Seriously, great job!

It’s beautiful and a great fit, too! The baby’s adorable.

Very cute. Great job!

oh how cute, I like the color. I don’t notice anything wrong with the stitches. In the picture it all looks very even.
Excellent Job.

aww how cute!! The jacket looks great and I love the color :thumbsup:

it looks great