FO: My First Pair of Socks (Page 2)


As you can tell by the photo, this was a road trip triumph. Hubby (aka The Master Driver) tried them on in the hotel because giddy little me couldn’t keep my mouth shut and keep them a Father’s Day surprise as I intended. He said “these are great, after a while I don’t even feel I’m wearing them!” Then he laid it out in front of me in every room he found me so that I won’t get Second Sock Syndrome. :rofling:

Special thanks to Becca for her encouragement. :heart:

Sock #2 - loooooooook out!

:cheering: :cheering: Great job! And it’s so lovely that your dh loves them that much! :happydance:

That’s a wonderful sock!

I haven’t gotten up my courage yet to try a sock. But yours looks great! You’ll have to be sure and post when you finish the mate. Do they work up pretty quick?

Wow! That sock is great! I really love the colors.

And i had a snoop on your blog - WHOA! What a GORGEOUS family!! Btw, that white crochet dress is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G!! :shock:

I’m well impressed! :cheering:


Thanks so much - I made sure to CO for sock #2 already and got a few inches done on it last night

loveswildflowers - it does work up pretty quickly! The slowest part was the heel and turning the heel, but that’s mostly because I was nervous about this part and made a few mistakes - I’m sure it will be much better the 2nd time around :XX:

hedgehog - thank you so much!! :smiley: Stop by my blog anytime!

I just love this forum!!! (If you do a search I’m sure you’ll find that phrase is in 80% of my posts here ) :blush:

Wonderful job!! It is so nice that he loves the sock!!

Great job! :thumbsup: What yarn did you use?

I used [color=brown]Lorna’s Laces sport weight yarn in “Bee Stripe”[/color].

I bought it [color=brown]here[/color]

Thanks :smiley:

Bee Stripe is the perfect name for that yarn… that’s exactly what I was thinking as I looked at it! Congrats to your first sock, and welcome to the addicting world of sock knitting!

:smiley: FANTASTIC job…girl, u did some fast knitting on that sock :thumbsup: I’m so excited that your hubby loves them…WTG :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

:roflhard: That sounds like my DH when I was making his clogs!
Looks great! Good job!

Great job! That yarn is sooooooooo cool and I too, have to comment on your beautiful family. I totally had a little giggle when I saw the egg carton caterpillar. I haven’t seen one of those in forever.

Nice job! And so great that your husband loves it and is helping keep you motivated! I agree with Nicole - sock knitting can be very addictive!! (I currently have 2 different socks on the needles, and might add another…) :wink:

That sock is adorable–Congratulations on knitting your first!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the encouragement in regards to sock knitting. I really do think I am beginning to get my courage up for that. I too had a peek at your blog and your family is darling! Knit on! :XX: :happydance:

Awesome job!! What a great sock!!! Turning the heel and shaping the gusset are my favorite parts of making socks. So glad your Hubby loves his sock.

I love wearing my hand knit socks they’re so comfy and warm.

I’m more than 1/2 finished with sock #2 - no SSS for me!!!

This one seems to be smaller though, and my guage is somehow tighter :thinking:

Anyway - I re-checked the label, the yarn color is Safari (not Bee Stripe - although it could totally pass for Bee Stripe)

Yayayayayay!!! its so exciting finishing the first sock. and yours looks perfect! :happydance: