FO: My First Pair of Gloves

I started these back in June, and I finally finished my first pair of gloves! They’re from the basic glove pattern in the book the Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns. They weren’t difficult to do, but there’s a lot of joining and picking up extra stitches to avoid the gap’s. But I almost had a case of Second Glove Syndrome, too. They also hibernated over the summer because it got too hot to handle wool. I knit these in Lion Brand Lion Wool Worsted in black. These are going to my son. I knit him a hat from the same yarn last winter, and the gloves will be for his birthday.

They look good. I have that book but haven’t tried anything from it yet. Good to know that it works!

Great job! I have the book and am currently using it for a hat. i have yet to venture into gloves

those look great!!

Excellent! :thumbsup:

Very nice! :inlove: I’ve been wanting to learn to make gloves!

They look terrific and living in Wisconsin he is going to need them! Good job, mom!

Very good job! Never would’ve guessed they’re your first! Wonderful!

Nice looking gloves.

Thanks, everyone!:slight_smile:

those look great–good work!

:woot:They look wonderful!!!

There great…Gloves are one thing I have never tried.

The gloves look great!

Great job! Your son will appreciate those on a cold day.

WOW! Those look absolutely perfect. You’re an inspiration and looking at those, it makes me want to try to knit a pair myself. :thumbsup:
Great job!


Awww, thanks. :aww:

Good job! I was starting to wonder if anybody knits gloves, cuz all you ever see here is fingerless mittens. Good to know it’s possible.

Those look great! You are more daring than me, instead of trying to make gloves, I am making flip top mittnes, I am such a chicken,lol.:hiding:

They look perfect! I just bought some yarn for making gloves (I found great instructions on Interweave Knits for free)