FO: My first Baby blanket

I don’t post much, but wanted to show off my first finished object: A baby blanket.

Pattern was from one that I got a Hobby Lobby, but can’t remember the name of it off hand. Worked on US 15 with two strands of Caron Simpley soft in complimentary blues.

Learned a valuable lesson that you don’t start off working on bamboo needles and then switch midway to circ’s. it’s obvious in the picture as to why.

It took me a while to complete and the baby was four months old by the time he got it. Oh well, it’s the thought that counts.

Ohhh very pretty! Love the color :thumbsup:

that blanket is BEAUTIFUL! i like the stitch you used but i love that color you chose. :cheering: WAY TO GO! i still can’t believe that’s your FIRST project. i expect great masterpieces from you in the future :smiley:

VERY nice! :thumbsup:

That is a lovely blanket!! :thumbsup:

Beautiful! :heart:

I’m sure it wil be appreciated!

It’s very pretty…you should be very proud :smiley:

I LOVE Simply Soft!! And I don’t see where there was a difference when you changed needles–I just see a really pretty soft bankie!! :thumbsup:

Lovely work!! I don’t see where you changed needles either. It looks perfect to me!

Super blanket! I’m sure it will be a treasure.

Oooh, pretty!

I’m working on my first baby blanket, too, and I hope it turns out as well as yours did! :thumbsup:

GREAT JOB! Its beautiful :heart:

I love that Caron Simply Soft too! I am working on a baby girl blanket myself with pink and yellow. I LOVE the waffle pattern you did. I am not rethinking mine :?? :roflhard: