FO - My Constant Companion

Finally, I have an FO to post!!

Here’s my new knitting’ bag … My Constant Companion done in WOTA Amethyst Heather w/ some Schaeffer Handpainted as CC. The colors in the bottom 2 photos look a little washed out :?? don’t have time to fiddle w/ 'em, though.



Close-up of the colors

I don’t feel like I got the pocket on there very well. So, I’m thinking I might needle felt it along the edges to smooth things out.

Very pretty!

I love it, Julie! It’s fabulous!! :inlove:

That is sooooooooo gorgeous. I love it. The colours are fabulous.
You should feel really proud. I think the pocket looks great.
I love this felting thing it really is fabulous. Well done. :cheering:

:hug: Sharon

DM - I love this bag!!! OMG - it is so pretty!!! I want to make one after seeing yours!

It looks great! Purple is my favorite color!

[color=blue]FANTASTIC! :cheering: I love it mmmm luscious color.

sebago, ME[/color]

Beautiful! :cheering: :cheering:

:inlove: :inlove: That is so pretty!!! :inlove: :inlove: Where did you find the pattern? :heart: I love the color! :heart: The pattern PLEASE!!! :pray:

Nadja xxx

Thanks, everybody!!! :aww:

I can’t believe I forgot to link the pattern. :doh:

Here 'tis: My Constant Companion

You can also find the pattern Knitter’s Stash, which is where I found it. I checked it out of the library & knit from the book. :shifty: I’m so cheap.

I’ve knit a whole slew of Oregon Totes, and the construction of this bag was very, very similar. There were three design differences, though, that I really liked:
[ul][li]A button created from a length of i-cord
[/li][li]A button loop created from a length of i-cord
[/li][*]A pocket using the Mosaic Knitting technique for the design. I had to get some help for this because the pattern wasn’t very clear on the fact that this is a technique in and of itself, and I had no idea. :doh: So, our faithful Knitting Masters here helped me. Here is an article from Knitty that will describe the process. It’s a great, non-scary way to add a color design to your project. :thumbsup:[/ul]

Oooh very nice! Pretty colors and gorgeous bag!

Beautiful, I love, love the colors :cheering:

:inlove: :inlove: Beautiful job! I am in love with the colors!

Looks great! That’s a neat pattern.

Lovely! :inlove:


Another pattern for the ever-growing list…

:cheering: Wow! That looks great!

:aww: Thanks, everybody. :aww:

Gorgeous bag! :heart: