FO: My 1st hat

Well, I just finished my 1st hat. I used the “Simplest Cap of All” pattern from this site. I made it for my husband out of Red Heart Super Saver, worsted medium yarn, color: Fleck. He works outside and is also going to Aspen, CO for a large installation in a couple of weeks so I thought it was time to try my needles at hats. It was so much fun knitting this and it was pretty easy too. Plus, I learned some new techniques. Now his friends want hats. Can’t wait to get started again…:woohoo:

:yay: We’d love to see a photo! You can click the link in my sig to see how to do it and sizes accepted. :wink:

Pictures, “luv”…we like pictures! Got one?:yay:’’

I haven’t made a hat with needles yet…only on a loom; but, some day…:knitting:

Oops, I forgot to post a picture. It’s simple, but it fits my DH and he has a big head. Here it is…:muah:

You should try it. It was way easier than I expected.

Very nice! I love making hats. :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: nice job!

Nice hat :slight_smile:

:thumbsup: Great job!

The hat looks great. :slight_smile: :happydance:

Looks great…and now your DH thinks you’re a magician…and you are

He is very impressed by what I have learned to knit. But he is the magician. He’s a very talented artist and creates amazing sculpture. The hat is to keep him warm during to few cold days we have in Texas. He has no heat in his shop.

If ytou want to check out his work go to our website:

Great hat! Hats are so much fun… quick, lots of room for creativity, and everyone loves them. You’ll have fun filling all your orders from your husbands friends.