FO: More Woobies

I have finished three more Woobies – two kittens and a zebra. The purple kitten is a Siamese cat (as decided by me). I am now working on a bear. They are fun to do.

Awwwwww! Those are way too cute, and I love the fun colors you’re using. The kiddos will be dragging these little critters around up into their tweens (okay, not really, but they will be much loved treasures they’ll hold on to for a lifetime).

You’re doing a superb job with these, and, my, what a marathon knitter you are!

Oh I love them!! :inlove: You’re doing a great job on them!

Those are too adorable. The stripe pattern is very effective and the faces so sweet. Great job!

These are so cute. I would love to see a giraffe one day! :slight_smile:

Oh, man, those are too cute!!! I esp. love the zebra! :inlove:

Those are the sweetest things! You’ve done a great job of giving them their own personalities - beautifully done! Love your colours, too. :thumbsup:

[FONT=“Comic Sans MS”][SIZE=“3”]Awwwww…those are adorable!! Great work![/SIZE][/FONT]

I would, too. I don’t plan to do one, because I don’t know if it would actually look like a giraffe.

These are adorable! I did something similar a while ago, a lovie, that had a bunny head and would like to ask what you used to stuff your heads with? I wasn’t happy with mine and if I do another would like to know what you used because yours look great. Thanks!

I just used the polyester stuffing that comes in a big bag. I stuck a crochet hook through the stitches to push it around where I wanted it.

The main thing is not to stuff too tight. I use the same stuffing as Jan.

Very cute little guys! I favor the zebra, but kittens can have stripes too. :heart:

Those are awesome! I am starting on the puppy Woobie. It looks like a fun knit, too–once you get past the provisional CO! LOL

It makes such a beautiful edge though it’s worth it. :thumbsup:

Thank you. Did you see the picture of my puppies? The solid colors are much easier than the stripes.

About the provisional CO: make sure you use a different yarn. The directions are perfect for the crochet CO. The hardest part of the whole pattern is joining the working row to the beginning row. Just make sure you go slow. It is all easy sailing from there. The design of the head is amazing. I am working on the bear, now.

These are the cutest things ever. So awesome. =)

After reading the warnings on Ravelry about not twisting the stitches…I twisted the stitches! :passedout: In fact, I think that I twisted the 2nd row. I found the place where I had wrapped the working yarn around and over the scrap yarn chain (Who knows how I managed to do that!). Anyway, after starting over once, I am now almost finished with the hem. Thanks to you and Jan for your suggestions. I hope mine turns out as well as all of yours did!

Oh no… I hate when that happens! Can’t wait to see yours!

I meant to suggest before, that I did a practice swatch to make sure I understood the technique of undoing the crochet chain as I knitted together the two edges. In fact, I always do practice pieces whenever I encounter a new technique or stitch.

I just finished the border of my woobie bear, and I feel like I am almost done!