FO - Minnie Mouse Hat

My niece had her birthday this month and I decided to knit her a Minnie Mouse Hat. I couldn’t find one I quite liked, so I usedthis picture for the basic hat and this one for the ears. There are many examples to be found out there, just google “knit mouse hat” and check all the images :wink: !
I used this pattern as a base, for I knitted that hat for my other niece (sorry, no picture) and it fitted her as well. Only, I had forgotten what choices I had made on that one :eyes: Always good to keep notes :wall:

Any way, here is the end result:

I was quite happy with it, but unfortunately it doesn’t have enough depth… I should have knitted 7 or so more rounds in black :noway: Definitely a learning moment…

Not sure how to fix this. Maybe I’ll just ask them to give it to charity and knit up a new one :knitting: For she doesn’t want to let go of it :stuck_out_tongue:

No picture?

Is it an earflap hat?

I’m having trouble with photobucket - it claims I deleted pictures which I haven’t :eyes: Really strange! Tried to fix it and it shows alright, but then again so did it 7 hours agoo when I posted it first… fingers crossed.

And yes, with earflaps :cool: Nice and warm

That’s adorable! No wonder your niece doesn’t want to give it up. I wouldn’t either.
I’d go with your suggestion to knit another with the deeper dimensions. That seems easier to me than ripping out and extending the hat you already have. A charity donation is a great idea.