FO: Miniature Easter Basket

I designed these cute little baskets last week while sick with the flu. I needed something to keep me busy so I didn’t feel sorry for myself, but was also small and quick to make. My kids are delighted with them!
If anyone is interested, I put the pattern up on my blog. They are just big enough to hold a handful of jelly beans, or one Easter egg. :slight_smile:

They are so adorable. I can’t believe you made this pattern up while sick! Hope you are feeling better now.

Oh, those are beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing the pattern.

They’re so sweet! Love the scalloped edges… You’re so talented. Hope you’re feeling much better!

Beautiful work . I love them . They are so dainty. Nice work :slight_smile:

Those baskets are adorable! I loved the story on your blog - wonderful surprise for your children!

Oh, yes - cute for kids, but also, I think, perfect as packaging for small gifts for ladies, and worked in a smaller yarn, even Christmas tree ornaments!

Thanks everyone! I’m feeling much better now. :hug:

Glad you are feeling better!:cheering: Your basket is better than Annie’s Attic which requies the use of plastic canvas. YEA!!!


Now do them in thread and just bigger than a penny …
and you will have some very cuteeeeeee earrings… yesssss

I make the ones with no scallop edge for earrings, and they are just bigger than a penny and bearly would fit a couple of jelly beans.
made them for Barbie doll, turned them into earrings they really are cute to wear …

so now its your turn to make them into earrings or pins … with the thread … but ya gonna have to get busy Easter is almost here …
I think yours would be so lovely that way cause you have the scallop on yours … thats even prettier…