FO: Marce's Hot Lava Cardigan

[LEFT]This post was delayed for some time now by…well…life stuff! :)[/LEFT]

Here are some photos and details to share with my KH buddies:

[B]Pattern[/B]: [COLOR=darkred][B]Hot Lava Cardigan[/B][/COLOR], free pattern from Blue Alvarez Designs
[B]Yarn[/B]: Noro Iro # 43, used ALL of 5 skeins
[B]Size[/B]: I knit the Medium


[LEFT][B]Techniques[/B]: Magic Loop for sleeves, circular knitting for the body, picking up stitches to join the bolero bit to the shoulder/shrug bit; “spit felting” (aka Felted Join found hereon KH).[/LEFT]

[LEFT]You’ll notice I’m using a dpn for temporary closure; please feel free to pass along good sources for shawl pins or big cool buttons :shifty:[/LEFT]


[LEFT]This pattern was very easy to follow and written in the plainest english. I liked that stitch counts were given along the way, and that if you have some experience you could make adjustments in several different places to suit your custom fit.[/LEFT]


[LEFT]I’m a BIG fan of this Noro yarn for it’s great color combinations and softness, but I must say that I ran into [I]several[/I] knots in each skein :ick:. Since this is 75% wool and 25% silk though, the felted join helped me to avoid having alot of ends to weave in. Only my cast on and bind off yarn ends had to be woven - can’t beat that![/LEFT]

[LEFT]Thanks for looking!! :heart:[/LEFT]

:cheering::cheering:I love it, Marce!!! That colorway looks gorgeous on your already gorgeous self!

I’ve heard lots of folks complaining about knots in Noro. Sorry you had the same problem.

I love it so much! I have to say, this is the second FO garment I’ve seen of yours, and I am such a huge fan of both of them! You’re quite talented; great job! :smiley:

It looks really good on you, and the colour is gorgeous. Well done! :slight_smile:

That’s beautiful! I remember your last sweater too, you do some beautiful work.
I like the look of the dpn, but I remember someone on KH talking about this cool website called [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana]The Button Drawer. I’ve never purchased anything from them, but they have some really pretty clasps that I like and a huge selection of buttons. [/FONT][/COLOR]

That is just gorgeous! You always choose the best yarns for your projects!

That is simply beautiful!

Lovely - looks so good on you and beautifully knitted too - I should hate you really! You must be delighted with it:cheering:

Beautiful, and it looks amazing on you!

HOT HOT HOT:cheering:

It’s BEAUTIFUL! :notworthy: Thank you for sharing the pattern and tips!

Fabulous on you. That’s style/design would suit you in other fabrics also. Great colours.


You guys are great at giving positive feedback, and I appreciate it!

Happy knitting, I’m off to see what everyone else has been making



Wow - it looks fantastic!:muah::muah::muah:
Beautiful colors, perfect fit. Way to go…

What “hot” top! You did such a great job!

Jamadian!! Hi!! :waving: You do knit the most fabulous patterns…and your yarn choice as well as color choices are always “right on”!
Thanks for sharing the photos and the links! :happydance:

Wow, that is just amazing! :cheering:

Ooohhh, that’s pretty…Looks really good on you :thumbsup:

Perfect match of design and colorways. Just one word: Wow! I don’t have the budget for the Iro but have seen other items worked in it and it’s fab!!