FO-Malabrigo Socks

Made these (quickly) with the Knitting Pure and Simple worsted weight sock pattern…my first pair of socks…can’t wait to make more!

Great job!!! I like the colors! :smiley:

AAAAHHHHHHGGGGGG!!! They are so awesome! Worsted weight socks - what a brilliant concept! Must… find… pattern… :thumbsup:

Top left is the worsted weight. Looks like they have a lot of different kinds! :thinking:

They look lovely! I imagine that your feet are in heaven with Mmmmmalibrigo on them!!

:cheering: Great job Andrea! I love the way you took the picture!

I spent about a half hour FEELING those socks (not ON Andrea at the time) last night! Here’s a pic of them in USE… Andrea LOVES this pic because her BUTT’s in it! :twisted:

The socks are beautiful! Great job!! :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

:smiley: Lovin’ your socks… :thumbsup:

nice socks!

Yum! They look like caramel and chocolate!

I love the colors!! Nice job!!

Very nice!

Great job! They look really great! :thumbsup:

Great Job Andrea! You finished them just in time for the weather to get warm. :rofling:

Nice socks, Andrea! I love that color, too!

:roflhard: I know, great timing!!!

And thanks for the pic, Kel!! :roflhard:

They look fantastic!! Great color!

Very nice…must feel AMAZING in the malabrigio!

They’re totally yummy, Hon!! I made my first sock on worsted then I wasn’t afraid to branch out into fingering weight! Good job! :wink: