FO Lucy Neatby hat

in these lovely soft colors of variegated wool. My hubby is posing for this pic, but it’s my hat. I have a large head, btw:

Oh, it looks delightful on him!:teehee: But sincerely - I love those colors, and it looks fun and warm! Nice job!:thumbsup:

Thanks, KT. I wasn’t sure how to finish it, and ended up with a tiny knob on top, which I made with a darning needle, and kind of like.

Very nice and I like the colorway.

That looks really soft and warm - great job!

I can’t get my husband to pose in ANYTHING I make…well, except he did say if I make him a sweater AND it turns out good, he will wear that. :teehee:

Oh, I really like that! It’s so fuzzy and colorful!

BTW, I have so much hair that I have to make my hats larger too. :rofl:

Looks so warm and fuzzy and soft, pretty colors too (and so good of your dh to pose for you!)

I love it. The pattern is really neat looking and the colors are so pretty. Looks great!

I think it turned out wonderful! It looks so soft and warm!

Deeeeeeeeeelightful! Love the fuzzy yarn and the colors.

:happydance: it looks great and I love the colorway!

[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]A beautiful hat… just love the colours and how they blend so well together.
TEMA:inlove: [/COLOR]