FO-Longies! (baby pants)

I just finished a pair of longies for the baby (edd 12-20)

currently on bedrest, so i have lots of “knit-time!”

FYI - longies are pants for babies used as a cover for cloth diapers.

Cute and cozy-looking! That’ll be one stylish and warm baby. What yarn did you use?

cascade 220 quatro…
it didnt feel that great at first, but its sooo easy to work with! gonna wash and lanolize them and they will be ready to go!

oh, and they definately need some blocking!! lol

:heart: the longies!
We cd, too…I used longies on dd last fall, but we’ve since switched to pocket diapers (fuzzibunz.) I miss the cute longies, though.

longies are just too cute! i would put longies on em even with the FBs!!
my older son (15 mo) wears FB primarily.
i only have size med and up dipes (almost all pockets-FBs and a few others), so i am gonna do PFs and wool this time!

the great thing about NB longies is that they are so tiny, and SO quick to knit!

I just LOVE them! :heart:

So cute! Love the colors.

I love the longies I made so much that my boys wear them even when they’ve got on 'sposies. (they outgrew their last round of CDs and I’ve been hesitant to buy more since they are potty-training, though at the rate they’re going they’ll probably be in dipes for awhile!)

awwwww those are so cute!! such lovely colors :smiley:

Good job. We used cloth diapers too. I wish I knitted when my girls were babies. I could have saved a lot of money!

Earthchick- You have boys-use cheerios! Works like a charm with potty training.

</former nanny advice>

LOL, I’ve heard about the cheerio trick with boys, too!

Love the longies :cheering:


and thanks for the cheerio trick! we’ve got a 15 mo old and another boy on the way!

Those are so cute! :mrgreen:

Not having had babies in my house for at least 20 years, it’s like hearing another language spoken to listen to you young moms talk about your kiddo’s diapers. :mrgreen:

Those are really nice and I love the colors!