FO--Lizard Ridge Square

This is a square from the pattern Lizard Ridge. I can’t quite decide yet if I think the pattern is fun or if it would eventually drive me crazy if I continue making more squares. More info at the blog.

I really like the pattern, though…it’s looking good :cheering:

oooh, the colors. pretty.

Ooooh, is that color 154? I swear it looks just like the colors in my current Booga bag! I think it’s a really cool effect! How about just making a scarf instead of an entire throw?

That’s a cool idea…do it lengthwise like version 2 that uses all one color! Kureon wouldn’t be my first choice for a scarf though…not too soft. And yes, it is 154.

Ooh-la-la, I like it!

:inlove: that’s gorgeous! :inlove: I want to make that blanket someday.

wowwww very colorful!! love it!! :smiley:


That is so pretty. The great thing about that pattern is you can do it a little at a time. I might have to make that one day.

I like it!!! I thought baout using the pattern to make a felted bag.

Ooooh… pretty!!

I bet someone ambitious could make a scarf using that pattern and some Karaoke… or Classic Elite Desert (not sure how soft that is)…

That’s really pretty, I just dont have the patience to do afghans!!

I love those colors!

Mama Bear

I’m lovin’ it! I imagine all those colour changes might make a little batty after awhile! :lol: