FO: little kiddie socks

I just thought I share this picture of some socks I made for my toddler recently.

I experimented with using this Curio #10 cotton crochet thread from Knitpicks, one strand of each color held together as one. The thread is so thin that the result seems equivalent to a thin fingering yarn in the North American yarn weight system (I knitted them at just under 9 sts to the inch on 2mm dpns). I found it very pleasant to work with this way, a little to my surprise, and since the thread is so strong and seems durable I’m curious to see how it holds up. They seem so far to be better sock material than some other 100% cotton fingering I’ve tried but they’ve only been worn once. (It’s not the softest thing ever but that’s the tradeoff of course, and I wouldn’t exactly say it’s rough or uncomfortable to the touch and my son hasn’t complained.)

ETA: oh, and for my fellow nerds who are curious I did a German Short Row heel and the toe is done in what I’m calling the “Portuguese Method” I mentioned in a past post a while back: Interesting new (to me) Portugese-inspired decrease pattern


Beautiful! I wish I had some of those on my feet right now. :socks: :smile:

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Well done, heel, toe and everything in between. Thanks for the nitty-gritty on technique too.


Oh! How cute! Love them.

these are beautiful well done appreciate the link too I also think the idea of combining the two cottons was a brilliant idea thanks for sharing

stay health, happy and safe

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Beautiful work! Baby socks are fun to knit they go so fast!

I’ve often wondered about knitting with crochet thread, but I never thought to double it. Lovely socks!