FO: Little Boy Blue Blanket

Today I finished a blanket for Baby Due in the Fall #1 (so far there are three, geez).

The pattern is Little Boy Blue Blanket, a free pattern from Caron.

I have some notes on Ravelry:

I am really proud of myself for these looooong cables. I’ve only been able to find one mistake (and of course I find it AFTER I finish the whole thing); there is a row about halfway up where I C6F’d the middle braid twice in a row instead of alternating C6F/C6B. Since the recepient is a non-knitter, I’m hoping they wont notice?

Wow thats a pretty blanket. What a lucky baby. :heart:

A lovely knit.

That’s beautiful!!:inlove:

That is awesome! I love cables and the color is gorgeous.

What a beautiful blanket! Very well done and in a lovely color.

Oh wow! I love that cable work! The color really shows off the cables nicely as well! This is a blanket that will be cherished for years to come! Terrific job!!

That is very pretty.

Absolutely gorgeous-well done!

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!

I just want to reach out and touch it. It is beautiful.

Wonderful work! I also love the Caron Soft yarn! It is going to be an heirloom blanket!

Just a gorgeous cabled baby blanket!! Looks great overall and don’t worry about your one little cable wobble, in use it will never be noticed. Great gift. :thumbsup:

Very nice blanket! Great job!

A beautiful blanket! Just don’t mention the cable wobble, and nobody will ever see it!