FO - Lined Booga Bag

FINALLY!!! Since I joined The Summer of Stash KAL I have really been trying to clear the needles of UFOs and dig into the stash to make cool new stuff.

This booga was knit and felted almost 2 months ago, but the handle languished and I was determined to line it (which required a visit from my sewing guru Nancy).

So here it is…I changed the handle attachment (pic #3) to match something clever I saw in a Yarn store in PA.


What beautiful colors in that bag, great job.

And I love your sewing machine!

Not sure which I like more… the pretty bag or that nice sewing machine?? lol You did a great job on the bag…and hold on to that machine!! :happydance:

Thanks Celine!! This is a New Home machine from the 1940’s! A gift from my mother in law. I pieced together the instructions which were yellow and disintegrating and managed to figure out the threading and bobbin stuff.

The great thing is, it came with all these feet attachment that I look forward to using - and it does stitch through felting!

Beautiful job!!! It looks perfect!

Beautiful! Great colors and I love the lining!

What a wonderful idea! Pockets! How cool! Love the bag as well.

Beautiful bag!!!

I love those colors… I also have a booga made from the same Noro colorway! :inlove:

The bag is gorgeous! I love the lining you picked for it!

Great booga! Tell us more about the lining and such.

Ok - I have to start by saying that lining this bag was challenging, but I made it more difficult because I tried to do guesswork with the measurements, so there was a lot of re-cutting and re-stitching.

To line this type of bag, you’re basically creating a “box” out of the fabric, then you stitch the top edges of the lining to the inside of the bag.

The key measurements are the width of the entire bag (measured across one long side); the height of the the bag, and the width of the opening from front to back.

I tried to make some pictures of how I sewed this…but they are not too clear… Next time I do this I will take pictures at each step.

The main principle is that you sew a rectangle right sides together, leaving an opening (top of the bag); then you stich across the bottom corners of rectangle to create the box shaping at the bottom of the bag. If you want to include pockets, position them and sew them on to the right side of the fabric before you do the side seams of the rectangle.

Very cool! Thanks for explaining that, it makes perfect sense! I can’t wait until my sewing machine comes!

:smiley: Love, love the bag…the lining really sets it off, I must line my next bag, you have inspired me :thumbsup:
Oh wow…LOVE the sewing machine!
Thanks for the schematics :wink:

absolutely lovely! Nicely lined too =D :cheering:

Love it! I like the lining on it :slight_smile:

Great job!! :thumbsup:

I wish I could sew better. I love your bag. Can I just send you mine to line? That would be just so much easier…on me :slight_smile: Beautiful job!


Thanks very much ladies! I hope to use this technique (combining sewing and knitting) more often so my machine is put to good use :wink:

If anyone has good tips for other things where they’ve used sewing and knitting/crochet together, I’d love to hear about it!

very nice!!!

BEAUTIFUL!! :cheering: