FO: Lime Green Clutch Bag

So I got bored last night, and decided to make myself a cute little bag that I can stick on my wrist and just crutch myself around, without having to worry about not having my ID or my phone. Its made out of that gazillion yards of lime green cotton I have laying around.

My mom bought me a cute little cow coin purse for a dollar at AC Moore the other day. I sacrificed it for the zipper. It was the perfect size. Now if only I could find a needle and thread to actually sew it on instead of safety pins holding it in. I think I did pretty good though. :slight_smile:

And here is a cute little flower motif that I did. I was going to sew it onto the bag, but its the same size as the bag. We all know that won’t work. Maybe I’ll go to Newbury Comics and grab some pins to put on it…

And now, off to work on my scarf for a swap. BF is working an overnight tonight, 11-7, so I’ll have the entire night to work on it. :slight_smile:

Yay for productivity!


THAT is so cute! You know, I was in Wal Mart today, looking at the twine, and I saw some hot pink that would make adorable little bags like yours.

Is it hard to put the zipper in? Do you have to buy a certain size zipper?

Thanks for sharing!

I totally cheated when it came to the zipper. I had a little do it yourself coin purse from AC Moore that cost a whole dollar to buy. I tore the zipper out of it, and then safety pinned it into the bag. I’ll get sewn in eventually.

I’m not sure how zippers work… whether you can buy them in a certain size or not. I’ve never had to buy them before. But its on my list of things to figure out. :slight_smile: