FO - Levi's Raglan Cardigan

I made this cardigan using the “Knitter’s Handy Book of Sweater Patterns” by Ann Budd. It’s for my 6 year old son Levi, who you can see is quite proud of his new sweater! The thing that makes it so great is how excited he is about it. He hasn’t taken it off since I finished it, except to sleep and even then, he folded it and tucked it under his bed for night! This took less than 4 balls of Patons Decor and took me less than 2 weeks to make. For more pictures and more info, you can visit my blog or my ravelry page (links below).

Thanks for looking!!

That is really a cute lad, and he sure is proud of the sweater his Mom made him. He has good reason, it`s great. Did you use the Applied I-Cord bind off on that… it looks really nicely finished.

Wow - you did a beautiful job on the sweater. Isn’t it great how proud he is of it!!!

Love the front neckline! Sorta sweeps downward and has a zipper, too! You did a VERY nice job on it and Levi’s a great model! Mary

Love the detailing on that! How precious! Oh, and the sweater is nice too…

That is great and your son looks so proud in his new sweater.

He’s a handsome guy! :wink:

The sweater turned out beautifully…you should be very proud. And your son’s reaction to it is really awesome!

What a great looking sweater and your son is so cute!

It looks GREAT!!! He is so smiley!

You did a wonderful job! No wonder that handsome little charmer of yours doesn’t want to take it off.

I, myself, am partial to blond headed boys of that age, having had one. He’s very cute!

It’s perfect, and I’m in :heart: with the little guy!

It looks great, very well finished and he looks so happy with it, look at that pose :slight_smile:

aww what a cutie…he looks so happy…Great job :thumbsup:

Your sweater is marvelous – your son should be a model. He has the poses down just right. I can see him on the runways.

You are a wonderful knitter, and a “wonderful-er” mommy!
The sweater is great and the model looks very pleased with himself in his new sweater! I really like the zipper application!
Thanks for sharing your work, and your son, with us!

Heather! I just went to your blog and read it,


What a joy he must be to have around!

Beautiful sweater, and a handsome son, he looks so proud and grown up. (but I agree the 4th picture his child side comes through, too cute)

Thanks all for the WONDERFUL compliments!! On the sweater and on my sweet little guy.

Here’s the 4th picture… :teehee:

what an adorable little boy!! that sweater suits him very well! great job

She took the words right out of my mouth…or off of my fingers. :wink:

Wonderful job!