FO: Leaf Lace Scarf

I started this scarf ages ago, and finally got to blocking it this week. It’s a gift for my niece whom I absolutely adore! She’s heading back to Wales on Monday, and I’m very happy I get to give it to her in person. Green is her favorite color, so I’m really hoping she likes it!

My camera was being a little weird, but the actual color is closer to the top picture. Thanks for looking :muah:

Pattern: Leaf Lace Scarf
Yarn: Malabrigo Lace (Mmmmmalabrigo cloud9 )
Color: Forest

beautiful, and I like the presentation with the bow

Gorgeous! I’m sure she’ll love it.

What a beautiful job you did! I made this pattern using Mmmmm, and I found it blocks beautifully! I’m glad you stuck with it and finished! It will be a lovely gift!

Oh! It’s beautimous and green is my favorite color, too!!! Great job on it…very nicely done! :yay:


Beautiful scarf and artistic photos!

Absolutely beautiful! I loved your finished presentation too :thumbsup:

Oh my, this is absolutely beautiful and I love the colour and your workmanship is perfect.

That is so beautiful! I am adding it to my list. Clever you!!!

OOPS! Just had a look and it is already in my library at Rav.

it turned out GORGEOUS!!! She will LOVE it!

Wow, absolutely beautiful!!! Adding that one to my stash of patterns. The color really shows it off.

Lovely, what a special gift.

I just looooovvvvve this pattern! Your scarf is gorgeous!

I’ve had this pattern in my queue over at Rav for a little while! Now I’m all inspired to get busy!


What a lovely scarf! I’m sure she will love it! You are really talented with the lace. :thumbsup:



I know I am posting again about this scarf…but I clicked on it again, and I just have to say again how much I love this beautiful scarf!

I have the pattern (from Rav, I think)…and I’ve printed it…and I intend to knit it…

…and seeing your scarf is INSPIRING!

Your knitting is impeccable, as is your blocking, and your yarn choice!

Way to go! :thumbsup:

It is beautiful ! Looks so delicate . Well done :slight_smile:

Gorgeous! She’ll love it.