FO- Leaf Envy

Haven’t posted in awhile but still lurking and checking out all the beautiful FO’s y’all have done…here’s my latest…yep, it’s one of those weird shaped ones again…knitted completely in the round and triangular in shape. Soon to be published but still in the test knit stages, pattern is in written form currently with charts to be added soon. First photo of it drying on the blocking board…Second, as a blob…what a difference blocking makes!

Ta Da!

Very pretty! Blocking is magical!


Absolutely gorgeous! Your work is always amazing!

Another wonderful work of art!! I love the color as well :slight_smile:

The color is “Illumination” from bbknits.comLavish Lace

It is 2-ply lace, a combination of 50% Merino and 50% Silk…a dream to knit with and the shine is amazing! Her pricing is wonderfully inexpensive and this particular yarn comes in 100% Merino as well.

That is absolutely beautiful. I wish I could knit that well. I’m going to keep practicing. I can’t wait for you to have the pattern published.

Wonderful! Fantastic! And a double hooray for you for such fine blocking!

WOW! Absolutely incredible!!! GREAT JOB!

Beautiful! And that is a prime example of the importance of blocking.

Off the blocking board!!! Light and very feminine…I am super pleased with the end results!

Absolutely gorgeous!!! You do such beautiful work :slight_smile:

Positively stunning! :heart:

That is so beautiful!! I think it even looks pretty good before you blocked it (but of course, blocking DOES make all the difference)!

I am in awe! Absolutely beautiful!

Oh my…GORGEOUS!!! LOVE that color (reminds me of my first prom dress!).

This color is “Illumination” from in her Lavish Lace collection. It IS beautiful, various shades of Aqua throughout. 50% Merino and 50% Silk, very inexpensive as silk blends go, each skein has 700 yards for around $17…not bad. Bette is a dyer so each order is dyed upon placement.